Your personal career guru
Start building your career the right way

Your personal career guru
Start building your career the right way
Raise.Guru is an career service that connects career consultants and candidates globally.

We believe that everyone deserves a better job
Our workflow
You meet with our coordinator by Skype, describe him your current status and goal which could be anything: company shift, salary raise, changing location and find the job that suits your most
Our coordinator describes what possibilities there are to reach this goal, helps to set up an action plan together with you. He would also advise you on guru's that could help you reach your goal.
You can either start following this plan by yourself or pay for a 3 month course with the guru.
This 3 months your guru will be sending you positions, hand-picked specially for you across various web sources: job boards, professional forums and communities, companies job sections and other sources
When you will be invited to an interview, you will be provided with additional information about the company, run through a trial skype-interview followed by mistakes correction if any. Your guru will accompany you on all stage of hiring process
Our guru will send you new job openings for 3 months - usually that is enough to set on the final stage of inteviews in several companies. But because we are focused on result his support will last until you start you new job.
Also your guru will always stay in touch with Skype, What's up, Telegram, or Facebook. You can consult with him on any matter, e.g. how to agree on a bigger salary or what to wear for the interview :)
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Who are our Gurus?

Your guru is chosen depending on your goal, CV and experience. All our gurus are higly-paid full-time HR & Recruitment professionals, they have conducted thousands of job interviews and placed hundred of candidates. That's why we call them gurus.

Your guru will specialise on your area and work on your level of positions.
10 specialization

Supply chain
10 years

Our guru's average work experience
4 people

Average number of people working with one guru

Avergage salary raise of our clients
Why is it better to build you career with a guru?
Statistics say it takes 3 month average to find a new job if you check and apply for new positions regularly.

It takes about half an hour to check all the new job opening everyday.

This means you need to spend 45 hours in order to find a new job.

Career guru takes over job search and you save the time
Solo job search raises many questions:
How to compose a CV?
How to write a cover letter?
How to behave at the interview?

Your guru will help you to compose a proper CV, show you how to write cover letters, conduct a trial interview with you and answer any other questions.
Solo job search is often irregular. Usually people spend several hours searching, respond to a few dozen jobs and then wait for a couple of weeks.
The secret is that job search requires regular actions, it is the only way to quickly achieve significant results.

Career guru sends you new positions restlessly and tracks your progress.
Working with guru you save your time, learn and at the same time look for a job. You gain triple benefit and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with job search

Career guru is your most beneficial investment!
Our services:
Career consultation
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CV editing
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Job interview training
Per position
Writing a cover letter
Per document
Social network profile
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Career development map
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